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This website helps you to choose an ideal health and safety management software for your business. Through a 30-minute web demo of the site, Wise website opens up an endless list of tasks that can be performed by the Guardian Health and Safety Management Software System. The website swtechnologies.com has comprehensive information on health and safety management. These tasks are aimed at streamlining inspections, audits, and observations to reduce employee injuries and fatalities. The site also goes on to give you various reasons why people choose their software based on some critical factors that include:

Best tips

Critical factors

  • Ease of Use
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Integration
  • Support

It also highlights some advantages of using the software in your organization.

Site-wise Imaging Security Solutions

The site gives a detailed tour of their imaging security solutions that features virtual facility tour picture and videomnmnnmnm cataloging. This provides instant access to photographs, building plan maps and vital details of a facility that are useful in the event of an emergency, accident or equipment maintenance.

At the end of it, the site offers you an opportunity to download the Site-Wise Industrial Product Brochure. Furthermore, it goes on to give a brief description of how the Imaging Security Solutions functions to decrease accident fatalities.

Apart from businesses the site also offers imaging security solutions to Educational institutions such as campuses and high schools. It recommends these solutions because of various reasons such as easy to use interface, ease of setting up and updating, ability to catalog photos or videos and multiple levels of protection.

Radiological surveys

The site features a Visual Survey Data System radiological survey software for documents radiation and other types of hazardous information. The site promises you an efficient outcome from this software by showing you how it works to efficiently document radiological and other survey measurements electronically, disseminate survey results to the plant staff, supplement survey reports, and many other functions. The benefits of this system and differentiators are also highlighted to keep you informed of what to export.

Environmental Monitoring

kmbvxzThe Site-Wise website also features a (graphical-electronic-dosimetry-display) system or GEDDS, that have environmental monitoring capabilities for heat stress, noise, radiation, and vibration tracking. This helps health-physics and other staff to keep an eye on workers who might face a high risk of exposure to radiation and other kinds of hazardous exposure work environments. It also shows you how GEDDS works.

Safety Management System Mobile App

The Site-Wise website also considers mobile phone users by giving featuring a mobile App for safety management system. It has a 2-minute video demo to illustrate how the app works.

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