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Proper Tyre Maintenance

June 21, 2015 by Vehicles No Comments

Proper tyre maintenance is very often a neglected element of routine maintenance. It must be emphasised that tyre pressure is one of the main areas that are subject to neglect and ultimately the cause of wear and tear and even accidents.

The manufacturer usually recommends a pressure for ideal road conditions coupled with sensible driving. However, Tyre Upkeep 17this needs to be altered if the road conditions are bad and you are driving on a rutty road. The specified air pressure must be regularly checked. If the motor vehicle is over inflated the threads in the middle will wear out. If it is under inflated the two edges of the tyres will start wearing off.

The tyre tread should be regularly examined and it is necessary to maintain a thickness of at least 1.6mm. Optimum levels are anything above 3mm. The tread should also be routinely inspected for any foreign objects like sharp stoned, nails and bits of metal. Sometimes the walls of the tyres reveal bulges that indicate that an inferior tyre has been used or has been driven on rough surfaces. Harsh braking and driving fast over speed breakers can also cause this type of damage.

Another factor that causes tyre wear is the steering rack and the suspension. Damaged track rod ends and worn out struts or shock absorbers are of this category as it results in tyre wobble.These worn out parts need to be repaired, and this would result in a ride that is far more comfortable than otherwise. It would also allow better road holding and greater lifespan of the tyres.

Tyre Upkeep 16The wheels on any motor vehicle need to be routinely adjusted for alignment and camber. These statistics are provided in the maintenance manual issued by the vehicle manufacturer at the time of purchase This coupled with wheel balancing by a reputed tyre dealer would ensure less tyre wastage. Most tyre dealers offer all these services at no extra cost when new tyres are purchased. The best way to find a reputed tyre dealer who would provide these services along with a warranty is to go online. Prices could be easily compared along with reputed brand names and a low-cost purchase could be made.

This article will not be complete without touching on some aspects of driving. Violent braking, driving over kerbs and potholes at high speed all contribute to uneven wear and tear of the tyres. On reasonably good road surfaces, a speed of 40 to 50 mph would ensure good fuel consumption and low wear and tear on the tyres.…