Understanding Benefits Of Cortisol

March 18, 2016 by health No Comments

Cortisol is one of the hormones that is secreted by adrenal glands during the early morning hours. In fact, it is usually known as “stress hormone” because of it makes you adapt to stressful situations. When you release it on a long-term basis, it is going to affect your health. The pituitary gland determines the amount of cortisol released by the adrenal glands. Therefore, the amount secreted varies from one person to another.


Some of the advantages of this hormone include redubtfrdr6y536y4d5ty7ced inflammation, stronger immune system, and blood pressure management. This hormone helps convert protein into fuel when a person is under psychological or physical stress that is evoked by the traumatic events. When the brain is not perceiving threatening situations, your levels are likely to return to normal.

Ongoing stress

Although cortisol has got its benefits, long-term or on-going stress can make the adrenal glands produce excess hormone. This can leave you open to several health complications such as heart disease, obesity, depression, difficulty sleeping, memory problems, and heart disease. You are advised to use cortisol supplements and eat a healthy diet. You also need to get quality sleep and regular exercising. All these can help to get cortisol under control.

Foods that affect amount of cortisol in the body
You should note that cortisol responds rapidly to the foods you eat. This is usually after 5 hours after eating. Foods, which have high glycemic index increase the levels of cortisol. The foods include products that are high in refined starches and sugar. If you skip meals, you are likely to boost cortisol levels. Moreover, high levels can disrupt your sleep.

There are also foods that lower cortisol levels. In this case, you need foods that have low glycemic index. You need to balance grains and sugars with minimal proteins.

Natural sources of cortisol

As you know, cortisol plays a great role in stabilizing metabolic mtfg35ta6g6t27u63g3processes. Many foods increase natural cortisol. You need to introduce such foods, in particular, levels or dosages within your bloodstream. These foods include:


This is a natural source of cortisol. It increases cortisol within the body by blocking enzymes, which break down food substances.


It contains some amounts of cortisol. When you drink about 3 cups every day, you naturally increase cortisol in the body.…