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heaThere are a number of health supplements that are being sold nowadays, but there is still nothing better than eating the right kinds of food in order to replenish the bodily systems.

Here is some of the healthiest food around, foods that could be added in staple diet in order to make sure that the body will achieve maximum strength and agility.

  1. Yogurt– this food contains calcium and work well in strengthening the immune system. This is due to the fact that it has immune boosting bacteria; it also contains protein and has the ability to fight off infections when regularly consumed.
  2. Egg yolks– egg yolks have a lot of hard to get nutrients like choline, it is still considered to be one of the best breakfast choices.

it can lower the chances of people from suffering from breast cancer due to the number of antioxidants that it contains. Apart from that, it is considered as one of the healthiest food around due to the fact that it has the ability to prevent macular degeneration as well as the occurrence of cataracts. Contrary to some beliefs, eggs can be taken daily and it will not necessarily raise the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is also a potent source of vitamin D, this type of vitamin is essential in fighting off stress and depression. This food is also one of the best sources of omega 3-s.

Eating salmon can help prevent heart disease, it can also aid in weight loss and can also boost the mood of a person, and it is also effective in preventing the occurrence of arthritis.

The intake of salmon can also help reduce the chances of suffering from obesity, heart disease as well as cancer due to the occurrence of Omega 3 in salmon.

  1. Soy

Soy and foods like tofu, soy milk and edamame is also helpful in reducing heart risks.hea

Apart from that soy also contains good amount of fiber that the body needs to improve digestion, not only that it also have plant estrogens as well as isoflavones that help prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.

Although there are health supplements that promise to provide all of the necessary nutrients in the body, there is still nothing that will beat the normal process, which is to eat the right types of foods in the right amount on a daily basis in order to get proper nutrients.

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