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ADSAThe need for marketing services in the health sector is increasing every day as more patients turn online to search for information on such services. Thus, if you want to take your dentist business to the next level, you must talk to Island SEO consultant one of the leading specialists in dental marketing services.

A research conducted by Google proved that SEO marketing is responsible for more than 60% of traffic in most websites. Think of how many customers you are losing if you don’t have such traffic.

Why you need services of a Dental Marketing Company

Whether you are a startup provider or an established brand, marketing more specifically online marketing is a key ingredient in the success of your business. Finding the right patients is the number one reason. If your practice is based on a specific geographical area, then you need to find patients from that area. A dentists based in Alaska for instance, has no reason to appeal to UK based patients and this is the logic behind dental marketing. With massive experience in the sector, we know exactly how to create content and optimize your website to ensure that patients looking for services related to your business can find your website before your competitors.

Gaining credibility is another reason why you need SEO experts. Health sector is a highly sensitive sector and it takes a lot to convince patients and get them to trust you more-so on the internet. Thus, by ranking higher on search engine results, you are a step closer to winning them over. High ranking websites are viewed as credible, authoritative and genuine by most patients and this is the trust that will grow your business.

First impression last for a life time, hence you need to create a good first impression on your website. If a potential patient visits your website and it takes long to load, has broken links or has irrelevant content, he/she will exit and click on the next one. A good impression gives a patient on your website long enough to book an appointment and this is another reason why you need the services of a Dental Marketing Company.

What we do

At Island SEO consultant, we have a strategy that can boosts our clients patients numbers by anything in the range of 25 to 100 new inquiries every month. This we accomplish by firstly conducting an audit of your overall online marketing plan. This covers your website design, the content, SEO, website maintenance, PPC, graphic design and anything else that gives patients a reason to stay on your website.

After completing the audit, real work begins. We undertake a complete overhaul on the website to make it highly user friendly, easily navigable and high ranking. Our team of experts know exactly how to do this; to give you enough time to concentrate on what you love doing. Our strategy goes beyond optimizing your website, we continue working with you to keep improving, updating and keep your website on top of search engines.

Thus, if you are ready to take your dental business to the next level, talk to us today and let’s partner in making your dream come true.

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